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Wedding Guidelines

Approved by the Session, 01/21/90



So you plan to be married in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church of York. Congratulations! Of course, you want your wedding to be one of the high moments of your life, and so do we, and we will help you make it so.

We have a few theological convictions about weddings we want to share with you. It goes without saying that a Christian wedding should honor Christ. It is an occasion for worship. Since it can also be a great personal experience, it should be carefully planned, in the best of taste, and uplifting to the mind and emotions of everyone present. We therefore ask that you will give careful consideration to each of the following points:.

1. The pastor of the church should be advised by the bride as early as possible of the date of the wedding in order that all necessary arrangements may be handled conveniently and without pressure.

2 It is permissible to have a minister other than the pastor of the church perform your wedding service, but arrangements for this should be made through the pastor of the church. It is customary for the pastor to have some part in the ceremony even when another minister is involved. Also, please remember that it is customary to pay the minister or ministers who perform your wedding.

3. Do you have a marriage license? The minister cannot legally perform your marriage without the license.

4. The minister who is to perform the wedding will go over the wedding service with you. Any alterations or additions to the service should be discussed with him at that time.

5. The facilities of the church are available for weddings at any time that is not in conflict with the worship services of the church.

6. The church fellowship hall receptions; however, we request that beverages be served on the premises. there is no smoking in the building.

7. Anyone using the church is required to observe the dignity of the church and look after the facilities.

8. There will be no charge for the use of church facilities for the wedding of any member of the church, or for the son or daughter of any member Non-members will be asked to make a certain donation toward the upkeep of the sanctuary and fellowship hall. The amount of this donation is set by the Board of Deacons.

9.All users will be responsible for cleaning all buildings and items used, and returning all items used or moved to their former places. To expedite cleaning, we request that well-wishers not throw rice or confetti but birdseed, and that this not be thrown inside the church but only outside.

10. All users will be responsible for any damage to church property.

11. Arrangements for the use of the facilities shall be made with the Clerk of Session. The person making the arrangements shall be responsible for turning off lights, air conditioning, heat, and locking the buildings after each use.

12. As with most churches, we request that no flash pictures be taken during the wedding ceremony. We suggest that you have your photographer, as inconspicuously as possible, take pictures while the bridal party is coming to the altar, and during the recessional, and after the wedding.

By working together, we hope to make your wedding a joint adventure between you and our church. It will be personal and traditional. It will be an elevated moment for everyone present, an hour marked by dignity and joy.

God blesses the marriages of his people; therefore, when you establish your home, we urge you to claim the promises of God for your marriage by joining some nearby church.

Tony Grant, Moderator

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