September 2007



Lord, we do not take pride in our good deeds, for we know that your judgments differ from those of human beings, and that what pleases them often displeases you.

Help us, Lord, to see more good in others than in ourselves, to be humble.  

Today, in our educational system, there is great value set on self-esteem.  People who have no reason whatsoever to have any self-esteem are constantly told that they need more self-esteem.  Why? 

Our whole society could do with less self-esteem.  It does us no harm to think ourselves less than others, but it can do great harm to think ourselves better than everyone else.

The humble person lives in peace, while in the hearts of the proud are bursting with envy and arrogance.

Lord, deliver us from pride, from all manner of pride.  And help us Lord not to be impressed with the pride and arrogance of others. Deliver us from the sin of fawning upon the rich; deliver us from the pride of mingling with the so-called high and mighty among us.

Perhaps it would be wiser for us to associate with the humble and the simple, with the devout and virtuous, and with them to speak of the things of God.

Teach us always to draw nearer to you, Lord, and to avoid the folly of people.

Certainly, we ought to have love and charity for all people, but ultimately we depend upon no one, for all will go away in the end.

It is funny, Lord, that we strive so hard for a good reputation among people, and many of them probably despise us anyway, and laugh at all our striving.

We think we are pleasing them by our presence, when the last thing they want is our presence.  In our arrogance, we overlook our own folly.  Forgive us, Lord.

Some folks are so pleased with themselves, so enamored of themselves, that they become discontented and dejected on the slightest pretext.  They never have peace of mind because they think too well of themselves.  Lord, they need to give themselves wholeheartedly to you.

We can travel the world, or study all religions, but we shall find not rest except in humble obedience to you, our Lord God.  Many people think what they need is a change of mind or place, when all that they need is you, O Lord.

This we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, who is our Lord and Savior.   Amen.



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