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for Those

Who Work

September 2000


Sovereign God, after you completed the work of creation, you surveyed what you had accomplished and pronounced it very good.

Today we pause to survey what our work has accomplished, to seek your guidance and to give thanks.

We thank you for the blessings of steady work, fair compensation, and supportive coworkers.

We thank you for the satisfaction of knowing our labors make a difference.

Thank you for the labor of all the people who make our lives better: for inventors and caregivers, teachers and researchers, guards, guides, servers, growers, manufacturers, planners, rescuers, creators, preservers, counselors, healers and so many more.

Some of us do not feel as though our work counts for much. Help us see how you and your people are served through our humble labors, or else help us find a job where that can happen.

Some of us are struggling over our employment -- or lack of it. Go before us to open doors and make connections that will result in the opportunity for satisfying work.

Some of us have defects of character that get in the way of fulfilling our potential. Open our eyes to see ourselves as others do, and give us the humility and courage to develop what is lacking in our personality.

Some of us have jobs, but fear we will be downsized right out onto the street. Help us fight off the debilitating effects of fear, and help us create our own opportunities for the future.

Some of us are not able to work, and feel terribly cut off, even useless. Help us focus on what we still can do, and never let any of us imagine that our human worth is earned through our own work, instead of by your gracious work of love in Jesus Christ.

Lord, continue your work in us and through us, that all our works may be pleasing in your sight. Amen.

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