October 2007



Lord, we all wish to do as we please.  We all wish our will to be done.  Forgive us this folly.  Also, Lord, we are attracted to people who agree with us.  They reinforce our good opinion of ourselves, and this is more folly.  It is far better at all times to give up our opinions to follow you.

Furthermore, we do not really know that much, so it is wisdom to be willing to listen to others.  Perhaps in nonessentials, even when we are right, we could accept another's opinion for love of God.

Lord, teach us that it is better to listen to advice than to give it.  For in listening we make the one who gives the advice feel worthwhile, and we may learn something.

Then in addition, we must admit that often we love our own opinions, Lord, and we want to see them honored just because they are our opinions, which is our pride. Forgive us, Lord.

Men sometimes accuse women of gossiping, but men gossip also.  All discussions of worldly affairs, of sports and politics and weather are only signs of our addiction to things of this world.

We seem to be ensnared and captivated by all things except the main thing, and you are the main thing, Lord.

An many times when we engage in idle gossip, we run on to say things that ought not to have been said.  Afterwards we regret our thoughtless words.

We say, “Why was I talking abut that at all.  How could I have been so insensitive?”  How indeed?  We should learn the value of keeping our mouths shut.

Why do we gossip so much when gossip causes so much hurt and harm?

But we say that we did not intend harm.  We did not intend to hurt that other person. 

Nevertheless, it happens anyway.  Lord, deliver us from idle gossip. 

We talk and think of things we like very much or of things we dislike intensely.  But, sad to say, we often talk vainly and to no purpose; and thus our conversation has nothing to do with you, Lord. 

It is amazing how we can talk so much and say so little about our first love.  We claim to love God with all our heart and soul, and yet if someone weighed up our words and put our words for God on one side of the balance and our words on all other subjects on the other, we should be astonished at how little of God was in our talk.  Forgive us, O Lord.  Amen.



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