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October 2002


Show us, Lord Jesus, that we should be concerned about temptation, and should watch in prayer. Lord, we know that Satan never sleeps, but goes about, seeking whom he may devour (I Peter 5:8).

Sometimes we resist the temptation to sin outwardly, but give in to temptations to evil thoughts and attitudes, and thus we sin in our hearts and minds. What we must learn is that temptation to inward sin is just as evil as temptation to outward sin. We must pluck up every temptation by the roots and get it out of our hearts. If we fail to take this radical action against temptation, the temptation will return, and we will find ourselves worse off than before.

Teach us, Lord, that the time to overcome temptation is at the beginning. We can more easily overcome the devil if we stop him at the door of the mind, rather than waiting until after he has come in and made himself at home. Let us meet him then at the very moment that he knocks.

For otherwise, there comes first into the mind a simple thought, then a vivid imagination, then an evil intent, and finally an evil act. So, when we do not resist the devil at the beginning, little by little, he gains full entrance into the soul. Thus, the more slothful we are in resisting temptation, the weaker we become every day, and the stronger the devil becomes in us every day.

Be with us then, Lord, that we might overcome every temptation. In your name, we pray. Amen.


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