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A Prayer


The Lonely


November 2004


Lord Jesus, being lonely is an unpleasant fact.  Even when surrounded by people, we are likely to be aware of our distance from one another more than our closeness.  It is often said, “Crowds are the loneliest places.”

Loneliness is part of the human condition. We cannot expect anyone to understand us fully; we do not even understand ourselves, but you understand who we are, why we are, what we can be.

We pray for people whose life situation makes them feel especially isolated.  We pray for the chronically ill, cut off from their usual meeting places and people.  We pray for those coping with life-changing crises, who are stunned to find their friends have disappeared.  We pray for the unhappily married, for those who are in relationships that leave them feeling more alone than when they were single.  We pray for singles to whom the entire world seems designed for couples only.  We pray for the bereaved, those attempting to come to terms with a world that will never again seem whole.  We pray for those whom their peers label "odd," who are shunned because they are not like everyone else.  We pray for those who are new to our community and feel the pain of the outsider.

Be near those facing the loneliness of an awesome decision no one can make for them.  Grant them wisdom and peace.  Stand with those who are standing alone in the face of enormous pressure to do or to be something contrary to your will. Give them courage and strength to hold their ground, and let their prophetic voice be heard.  Through our seasons of loneliness, draw us into more vibrant union with you. Teach us to turn to you with every need, every joy, and every hope in our lives.  Through the body of Christ, your church, help us all find a place where we feel accepted and treasured, as befits your precious children.  Help us all to grow out of our private ruts, that we may welcome one another for Christ's sake, Amen.



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