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God of peace and plenty, with awe and wonder we thank you for the beauty and abundance of our land and its people.

Our ancestors came from many lands, for many reasons, but by your mercy, they found grace in the wilderness.

Your grace and good will has supplied our daily bread without fail. We thank you.

Your grace has provided the raw materials of success, as well as the wit and will to use them. Thank you.

By your sheer grace we can indulge ourselves in loveliness, steep ourselves in learning, renew ourselves in leisure and rest in safety. Thank you, Lord.

You have freely blessed us with more than we could ever earn. You have sustained us in bounty we do not deserve.

Our people have abused the land, robbed the heritage of indigenous peoples and imagined ourselves to be the source of our own blessings. Despite all this, you have promised to love your people with an everlasting love, and so we are bold to seek your mercy.

Help us respond to your infinite grace through generosity to those in need, understanding for those in dismay, courtesy toward those who oppose us, forgiveness for those who wrong us and compassion toward all who need us.

As we gather with family and friends, help us speak freely and naturally of your gracious love so that our holiday table may abound with thanks as well as with food.

Through this time of thanksgiving and rest, lead us to continue in thankful living and giving, for the sake of him who gave himself for us, Jesus Christ the only begotten Son, our Savior and Lord. Amen.



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