A Prayer

For Each Other

May 2008


Sometimes Lord we become obsessed with our faults.  We are determined to be better and better people.  Yet no matter what we determine, our faults and sins are stronger than we are.  It sometimes seems that for ever sin we do not commit, there is another sin we have committed.  We are so busy backing away from one sin that we fall into the pit of another. 

Forgive us Lord and give us strength to continue to do well.  Why we sometimes ask, is there sin at all?  Why do you tolerate sin, Lord?  Perhaps it is to test us.  Perhaps it is to teach us patience and humility.  Our sins remind us that we are not you, O Lord.  We are not God.  We are just human beings, just people. Forgive us our sins Lord, and empower us to do better, or at least give us the strength to bear with ourselves.

Sometimes, Lord, we want to admonish other people for their sins, and this is often right and good.  But what if they refuse our admonishment?  They have obvious sins that they refuse to do anything about.  What should we do, Lord?  We should commit the whole matter to you, Lord, that your will may be done among all your servants.  For we know Lord that you can turn evil into good, and bend sinful actions to your will. 

Teach us to bear with the defects, and sins of others, because they have to bear with our sins and defects.  They have faults that we easily see, Lord.  Remind us that we are not faultless.

How can we criticize when there is so much to criticize about ourselves?  If we cannot make ourselves what we wish to be, we should we be worried about other people?  We want them to be perfect, yet we are far from perfect.  We want them to be severely corrected, yet we will not correct ourselves.  We would have them bound by laws, yet we do not want to be bound by the same laws.  We want zero tolerance for them.  But we want a merciful judge for ourselves.  Why is it Lord that we cannot think of others as we do of ourselves?

You have ordained, Lord, that we should bear one another's burdens, for no one is without fault, no one is without burdens, no one is sufficient to himself, no one is wise enough or strong enough to live alone.  Hence, we must support one another and console one another.  We must help, counsel, and advise each other, for we need each other, and above all, Lord, we need you. 

Strengthen us for love and fellowship.  Strengthen us for each other.  In Jesusí name, Amen.


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