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May 2004


Almighty God, creator, father of our Lord Jesus, we glorify you for the gift and power of your Holy Spirit.  We recall with awe how your Spirit brooded over the primeval chaos, how carefully you fashioned he world with all its wonders out of that chaos, how lovingly you imprinted us with your own image.

We praise you for the spectacular outpouring of your Spirit at the first Pentecost and for the launching of your Sonís church in power and miraculous unity.

We magnify your holy name for numberless, unspectacular Pentecosts in the life of the church through the centuries.  You gave your Spirit to Christian men and women who felt a surge of power when they needed it most for witnessóin prison or in the arena, before a scoffing mob or a lynch mob.

We thank you, righteous God, for your Spiritís might in convicting us of sin.  Sometimes, Lord, we become smug, self-righteous, and lazy.  We become callous in our attitudes.  We think we are holier and better than others.  Your Spirit shows us, Lord, what we really are.

We praise you for your Spiritís skill in reminding us that self-interest often underlies our seemingly finest deeds.

We give you thanks for the mirror of your Spirit, in which we see ourselves not as others see us, but, far more disturbingly, as you see us.

Also, Lord, as your people, we glorify you for your Holy Spiritís ministry of comfort.  We pray that those who are sick and hurting, whether known or unknown to us, may experience the reassuring healing presence of your Spirit

And, Lord, we pray that those whose life is nearing its end may find strength and renewal of faith in the Holy Spiritís unshaken witness to that life which for Christians begins at death.

Gracious God, let this day become a personal Pentecost for many believers.  Renew the church beginning with us, with each believer and with every believer.  And teach us, through your Spirit, how to proclaim the Good News of your faithfulness and love in new and more effective ways.

We pray in the name of him to whom your Spirit bears witness, the Lord of Pentecost, the Lord of the church, Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen.



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