Only You, Lord

A Prayer for




Lord, teach us not to despair of ourselves but when we are tempted, help us to pray.

Your Word teaches us that we will not be tempted beyond what we are able to bear.  Therefore, when we are tempted, we should just pray more fervently. 

Help us to humble ourselves before you, Lord, and to be thankful for trial and temptation, for it is in trial and temptation that we learn lessons of humility.  Help us Lord to see your hand in every trial and temptation for we know that you will save and exalt the humble in spirit.

This is totally contrary to the way of the world, but the world is contrary to you Lord.  In temptations and trials, our progress is measured; in temptation and trial, we have opportunity for spiritual development.

When we are untroubled and living in bliss, it is easy for us to be to make noises about how devoted we are to you, Lord.  However, when we are able to come through times of adversity with patience and meekness, we have hope that we are making spiritual progress.

Sometimes Lord we are so concerned to guard against big temptations that we are overcome by little ones. 

We know the commandments.  We are not going to covet our neighbor’s wife or steal our neighbor’s silverware.  We are not going to do murder.  We are not going to rob banks. 

We close and lock the doors against big temptations, but the small things slip in unawares: A little gossip here, a little extra TV there.  Just a little lie and a little frivolous reading.  It is all so easy but these little follies have a way of growing into major sins.  Help us Lord to guard against every temptation.

Help us not to depend on our own strength in these matters, for that is just another temptation.  Strengthen us, Lord, with your Spirit.

One constant temptation is to judge others.  A little gossip about how wrong and foolish and vain they are will surely do no harm.  But it is we who are foolish and vain.  We cannot know their thoughts, their inmost needs.  Better we should judge ourselves and take stock of ourselves.  For we can know our inmost thoughts and motives.

Help us, Lord, in all things to make you the sole object of all our desires, the focus of our being.  The world is always excited about this and that, but we should not worry about the world.  It is you only that we need, Lord, now and forever.  Amen.



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