Glorifying God

A Prayer for

June 2008


Lord, we ought so to live that our inside shows through to our outside.  We ought to be transparent people, without any pretence or façade.  Others should see us as we really are, and what they see should be a devout disciple of Christ.

Our live ought to abound with all those good Christian qualities that the Bible recommends.

Actually, there should be much more of Christ within us than appears on the outside, for though others see our outward actions and deeds, it is you, Lord, who sees our inward being. 

We live for you and we worship only the most high.  We know that we should always strive to do those things that are pleasing to you.

Each new day as we rise up to begin anew, we are reminded that we are not our own.  We belong to the Lord God Almighty.  Therefore, we ought to rouse ourselves to serve the you, Lord.  And our service is not the reluctant half-service of a slave.  We serve you as your free people.  We serve you because our heart longs to serve you. 

Our prayer should be, Let me this day do something you want done, Lord. 

That is our intention and that is our work—“to glorify God and enjoy him forever.” 

But we fail in your service Lord, because we never intended to succeed.    So many other things distract us.  We give ourselves to so much and spread our time and energy here and there, to do this or that.  We waste ourselves.  No service counts but yours Lord. 

Your saints depend on your grace rather than on their own wisdom and call upon your strength rather than their own.  They turn to you for every need, knowing that man proposes but God disposes. And knowing also that your way is not our way.

Lord, sometimes we are careless about those things that can help us draw near to you.  The church, the Bible, prayer, living a holy life.  These are good things and we should care for them.  We should treasure your word and your church and pray “without ceasing” and be careful to lead a life that is becoming to our Lord Jesus.

With the help of your spirit, we should examine ourselves frequently to see if we are indeed making any spiritual progress.  What have we said today, what have we done, what have we thought, and how does that reflect on our Lord? 

If our religion is to be more than words, it must be lived out in your presence Lord, with your help.

In Jesus name, we pray.  Amen.


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