A Prayer for


June 2007


Lord, pour out your Holy Spirit upon us.  Renew us and renew our church as you renewed those other disciples on that first day of Pentecost.  In our worship, may our hearts be set afire with enthusiasm, and may our lives show forth with energy and courage as we live the Good News of the New Jerusalem.


Holy Spirit and eternal God may every day be a new Pentecost for us.  May we be open and receptive of your guiding hand.  May your Spirit surround and empower us. 

Sometimes, Lord, we are too careful and cautious.  We act as if we are afraid that you might actually do something.  We want to calculate every nuance of our commitment to you and to your church.  We give reluctantly.  We hold back.

Give us a holy recklessness, Lord.  Fill us with fervor that leaps all bounds and opens new avenues of discipleship for us.  Help us now, more than ever, to open our lives to your Holy Spirit and to live courageously.

We are your people, inspired by your spirit.  Help us to

  think more clearly,

  Pray more regularly,

  feel more deeply,

  listen more sensitively,

  speak more truthfully,

  love more generously,

  care more for others,

  serve more creatively,

  encourage more helpfully.

Lord, inspire us to:

  give more lovingly,

  live more fully,

  teach more eloquently,

  participate more faithfully,

  worship more deeply,

  adore more joyfully,

  sing more enthusiastically,

  give more generously.

Bless us now and renew us by your Holy Spirit.  Fill us with strength and courage; fill us with hope.  Transform our lives and our communities.  Be our guide and companion.  This we pray.  Amen.



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