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Independence Day

July 2001


Almighty God, you guided our forefathers to this good land, and here they found liberty. We ask you that you will continue to guide our nation. Remember not, 0 Lord, our national sins. Do not reward us according to our national wickednesses. Deliver us from false piety, from a show of religion without the power of religion. Bless our land with sound learning, and pure manners, and honorable work.

Save us from violence, discord, and confusion. Save us from that pride that overlooks national wrongs or justifies injustice. Guide us toward the right kind of patriotism, a patriotism that seeks the good of the whole nation and the whole people.

Deliver us from party faction, from seeking selfish good regardless of the harm it does to others. Show us rather that we should remember the poor and the oppressed among us. Help us, Lord, to be helpers, for the greater good.

And show us that this generation will be measured by how it prepares the next generation. Help us to bring up the children of the nation to reverence your name and live in your faith.

Teach us, 0 Lord, that we must constantly defend our liberties. Teach us that vigilance is the price of freedom. Deliver us from our enemies, both foreign and domestic. Be with us always, Lord.

In the day of prosperity, fill our hearts with thankfulness. In the day of trouble, suffer not our faith to fail.

In Jesus' name. Amen.


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