On Being a Good Example

A Prayer


January 2006


Lord, when the first deacons were chosen in Acts chapter six, the apostles said they should be people of “honest report.”  Their lives should be free from scandal.  Deacons should live in a way that will cause other people to respect them, and not only deacons, every Christian should live that way.

Our word should be our bond, and a handshake should be all that is needed to seal a deal.  Our concern for others causes us to be concerned about what others think about us.

Part of being "of honest report" is that we will seek to do your will, Lord, in every aspect of our lives.  If you call us by the voice of the church to an office, give us strength, O Lord, to carry out that office.  It is an honor to be a deacon or an elder or any officer in the church, but we know, Lord, that you do not call us to be honorary office holders.  You call us to work your work in that office. 

Above all, you call us to be examples to others.  Christians should be people of good reputation.

Whenever people see a Christian acting in less than a Christlike way, they say, “He or she claims be saved and inspired by the Holy Spirit, and yet look what they are doing.”  And so the gospel is brought into disrepute.  Christ is brought into disrepute. 

O Lord, our prayer is that we may never under any circumstances do anything that would in any way soil the precious name of Jesus. 

Jesus is the wonderful counselor, mighty God, everlasting lord, prince of peace.  He is alpha and omega.   Jesus is my lord and my God.  My prayer is that I may be such a good example to others that they will always know that.

Other people may sometimes misinterpret what I say and do.  I cannot help that.  If they jump to the wrong conclusions about me, that is not my fault, but lord let me not give them any real grounds for feeling that I willingly and knowingly besmirch the name of Jesus by my actions or words.  Help me to do all that I can to be a living example of Jesus to the world.

I offer to you, Lord, the way I conduct myself--in my home, my business, my life.  I know that the church of Christ will be judged to some extent by my words and deeds.  My life is the gospel sermon I preach every day.  My life reveals to the world the depth of my faith in Christ and the width of my love for Christ.  .

Lord, I cannot preach this sermon alone.  I need your power every day.  Energize my prayers, Lord.  Inspire my meditation upon your holy word.  Make my life the example that others need so that they, seeing the power of the gospel, will be drawn to Christ the Lord.

Let me be found often in the company of God’s people, worshipping together on the Sabbath day, as part of my example. 

Help me to devote myself to you in every way O Lord, not to glorify me, not to lift me up and say that I am something, but to glorify you, Lord.  My example should have no intention other than to show Jesus to the world.  For it is in his name that we pray, Amen.


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