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Eternal God, you are the sovereign Lord of all our beginnings and all our endings.

Today you place in our hands an entire year, like a precious book of fine new pages ready for us to create the story of 2003.

Last year's tattered pages are already bound between the covers of memory.

Help us put the year on the shelf gracefully, without dwelling on either its successes or its setbacks.

Prepare us to welcome without fear the New Year prepared for us. Give us courage to face the unknown challenges ahead.

Help us learn from the mistakes we have made in the past.

Help us forgive ourselves, that we may go on to write new chapters with confidence.

Strengthen us in every good and worthy resolve, shaping our conduct more and more in the image of your compassion and integrity.

Give us the wisdom we need to fulfill our callings in our places of employment, our schools, our communities and our homes.

If we are presented with new opportunities, lead us to make choices based on the values we learn from you, rather than on the misshapen truths of the marketplace.

If we seem to have no choices at all, protect us from desperation, and help us hold still and listen to your voice.

Bless those with whom we share our lives and homes, that together we may grow in love and faithfulness.

Keep us secure in your peace. For Jesus' sake. Amen.


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