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On Not Jumping




A Prayer


February 2004


Almighty God, creator and preserver, you lead us in all things.  We pray that you would lead us to a proper estimate of ourselves. 

Show us that we should turn our eyes upon ourselves, and judge ourselves, before we look to judge the doings of others. 

In judging other people, we attempt what we cannot do.  We cannot see their minds and hearts, and thus we often misread their intentions.  But in judging ourselves, we know our intent and so we can judge accurately.

Teach us, O Lord, that we should judge about that which we know, ourselves, and withhold judgment about that which we do not know, others.

Deliver us from that ignorance, O Lord, that allows us to judge everything according to self-interest.  This evil attitude exists because we never stop to look at ourselves.  We never stop to think about what we are, and so we are not aware of our selfishness. 

We wish to be, and we proclaim ourselves to be, unselfish and loving people, but what are we?  If we get all upset whenever we do not get our way, that shows us what we really are.

 As long as things are going our way, we seem to be happy and at peace, but if anything happens that goes against our will, then we become either angry or depressed.  This should tell us then, Lord, that we care more about our ego than serving you.

Help us to put away our ego, Lord, and rely more on your power. 

Help us to put away our self-love and rely more on your love. 

This we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  Amen.


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