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The Earth

February 2003


Guide us, O God, by your Word and Holy Spirit, that in your light we may see light, and in your truth we may find freedom, and in your will we may discover your peace.

All-powerful Creator, sustaining God: When floods ravage, tornadoes jolt, fires rage, we grieve for victims of natural disasters. We assist them as best we can, but we also pause humbly to acknowledge our limitations within our universe and on our planet.

Help us, by our chastening, to realize anew our human weakness and to admit more readily our utter dependence on you and on one another.

Most generous Provider: We thank you for the perfect habitat you have provided for us on this Earth. We confess that many disasters we call "natural" are aggravated by our paltry stewardship of the land. Keep prodding us until concern for the survival and proper care of our planet ceases to be an issue for only a few of us and climbs to the top of the priority lists of all of us.

Stir us up and empower us to embark on the political, economic, and lifestyle changes needed to preserve this Earth as a fit place to live. Save us from doing to our grandchildren what our grandparents have done to us.

Help us to see your creation as the seamless web you intend it to be. Remind us that of all the species on this planet, ours has the highest score for wanton killing and is itself a gravely endangered species.

Grant us the strength to persevere in all efforts to reverse the exploitation and destruction of the finite resources you have provided for us.

Bless and strengthen all those among us who labor to secure for us and for our children pure water, clean air, and safe food.

All that we claim to own, 0 God, is yours. We pray that you may not regret having entrusted it to our care. Show us, most patient Lord, how to be more faithful stewards of this Earth. We implore you in the name of your Son, our Master and Redeemer. Amen.



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