Trust in God Only

August 2007 Prayer


We know, Lord, that it is foolish to put our trust in human things or in created things.  Nations trust in missiles, tanks, planes, and ships.  People trust in stocks, bonds, deeds, and bank accounts.  It is all vanity.  People trust in leaders, in presidents and preachers, it is all equally vain.  Or they trust in human institutions like nations and churches, but all such things fail and to trust in them is futile.

Teach us Lord to trust in you only, and to depend upon you only.

But trusting in you, we are led to serve others.  We serve them not because they are perfect.  We serve them not because we worship them.  That is only idolatry.  We serve others because of our love for you, Lord.

We are not self-sufficient people.  We are not rugged individualist.  If we are not to trust in others, or in nations, we are certainly not to trust in ourselves.  We trust in God alone. 

Teach us, Lord, to do what we can, trusting you to aid us to do more than we think we can.  We know that if we do what lies in our power, you will aid us to do more.

But we put no trust in our own power or our own learning, nor in the learning or power of any person, but rather we look to you alone, who helps the humble and humbles the proud.

Sometimes, Lord, we have things of this world—money, and land and stuff.  How quickly it is all used up and gone.  It passes away like sand.  Teach us, Lord, not to glory in such stuff.

Some people treasure their friends and connections, only to find that they too pass away just as quickly as worldly wealth.  Teach us to find our treasure only in you, Lord, for you give us all things and in our lord Jesus, you give us yourself.

Our society glorifies beautiful people.  They dominate our TV screens; they seem the best that we have to offer.  We want to be like them.  However, their beauty is marred and destroyed by a little sickness.  All the beautiful people soon vanish into the dust.  And what then is left to us but to believe in you, Lord.

Or we value talent, we value ability.  But old age shrivels our talents and abilities, and we are left with nothing. Better to trust in you lord for you are the giver of all talents and abilities.

Sometimes we think ourselves better than other people.  That is also folly.  We are no better than they are, and no worse.  We are all only sinners we depend upon you utterly and entirely for all things in this life and the life to come.

Therefore, we trust in you, Lord, and pray in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen.



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